Creating Presentations


  • We help with formulating your statements succinctly 
  • We help you on site to ensure that your presentations are presented smoothly
  • We incorporate last minute changes on site 
  • Creating presentations during workshops and seminars

PowerPoint Training

  • Individual training concepts for on-site courses and seminars
  • We offer a range of trainings, from one-on-one by the hour to group seminars spanning several days
  • In cooperation with an external coach we developed a concept for a training, that covers the whole process of preparing and structuring content as well as presentation techniques

Training Videos

  • We offer customized training videos for your requirements
  • Standardized video clips about PowerPoint FAQs (e.g., Do's and don’ts)
  • Video manuals, e.g., “Our new Corporate Design in PowerPoint” (short introduction into design principles for your employees) or “Migrating to a new version of PowerPoint”